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    We are The Experienced Specialists in outside repair and 100% waterproofing, sealing and painting. We have more than 20 years of experience, thousand of satisfied customers and excellent references. Naturally, we are licensed, bonded and insured.

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    AAA Decking Corp does work on: Decking, Balconies, Patios, Walkways, Landings, Porches, Roof-Decks, Courtyards, Pool-Decks, Jacuzzi-Decks, etc.

    We provide, among others:

    • Magnesite, Mercoat, Epoxy Gravel
    • Diatto, Desert-Crete, Light Concrete
    • Wood, Plywood, Fiberglass, Metal Posts
    • Fiberglass, Metal Posts, Cast Steps
    • Repair of Rotten Wood, Broken or Loose Steps, Railings, Weldings, Stucco, Rotten Supports, etc.

    Not affiliated in any way with the American Automobile Association (AAA Auto Club).

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    We are State-licensed, bonded and insured, backed by many years of hands-on experience. Our work is guaranteed for 10 years. We service the entire Southern California and provide 100% FREE ESTIMATES.

    To insure your long lasting complete satisfaction, we use FIVE-COAT fiberglass, 100% waterproof system with Elastomeric ingredients (to resist bending and cracking), completed with either smoothed or non-slippery texture finish and either oil-based or water-based decking sealer.

    We also provide variety of other property-realted repairs, including pre-cast stairs, railing and post repair and replacement, painting and resurfacing. If you are in doubt - simply give us a call at (310) 730-5005 or write us a message (see Contacts tab).

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